If you have Moodle and H5P, which areas should you focus on to avoid replication, and get the best out of the combination?

Note that this list is not intended to be definitive, but the starting point, and specific teachers, subjects, courses and organisations should ultimately define a similar, but potentially slightly different list order.

Bear in mind that H5P content can be combined together in very interesting ways, and can create more advanced experiences for learners, but still using the basic 'building blocks' of each simple H5P content type.


These are the H5P content types that simply do not exist in Moodle, and their use will provide a new resource or activity type for teachers and learners.

  1. Interactive video
  2. Agamotto
  3. Column
  4. Course presentation
  5. Documentation tool
  6. Essay
  7. Dialog cards
  8. Flashcards
  9. Impressive presentation

These are great resource types, but perhaps less widely usable than those above, and therefore will appeal to a smaller group teachers:

  1. Accordion
  2. Guess the answer
  3. Mark the words 
  4. Memory game
  5. Image juxtaposition
  6. Image pairing 
  7. Image sequencing
  8. Image slider
  9. Summary
  10. Timeline

Less important / highly specialist

These are more highly specialised content types, and relevant to a relatively small number of teachers and courses:

  1. Speak the words / Speak the words set - use PoodLL ?
  2. Personality quiz
  3. Chart
  4. Collage
  5. Iframe embedder
  6. Arithmetic quiz

Lower value / replicates existing capability closely

Whilst these content types are good, they may be so close to existing functionality in Moodle that teachers  time would be better spent on the items above:

  1. Audio recorder - use Moodle's native recorder
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Quiz (question set)
  4. Single choice set
  5. Multiple choice
  6. Fill the blanks 
  7. Find the hotspot 
  8. Multiple hotspots
  9. Image hotspots
  10. Drag and drop
  11. Drag the words
  12. True/False

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